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Andy Borowitz: Government to Billionaires

Posted by admin on Saturday, August 18, 2018

Andy Borowitz Money Quote saying we fail to realize the massive amounts of government subsidies to companies that don’t need them, but instantly grouse about helping someone survive financially. Andy Borowitz said:
 To all those opposed to government giving poor people free shit: start by opposing all the free shit government gives billionaires & corporations Quote

To all those opposed to government giving poor people free sh_t: start by opposing all the free sh_t government gives billionaires & corporations — Andy Borowitz

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Bernie Sanders: Get Richer by Hiding Profits

Posted by admin on Monday, November 6, 2017

Bernie Sanders Money Quote saying in reference to the leak of Appleby law firm data that shows how the wealthy hide profits in offshore tax havens to avoid paying taxes on them. Bernie Sanders said:

[Paradise Papers] shows how these billionaires and multinational corporations get richer by hiding their wealth and profits and avoid paying their fair share of taxes
— Bernie Sanders

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[Paradise Papers] shows how these billionaires and multinational corporations get richer by hiding their wealth and profits and avoid paying their fair share of taxes Quote

Ben Cohen: Swamp the Whitehouse

Posted by admin on Thursday, May 4, 2017

Ben Cohen Money Quote saying Trump campaign slogan seems to have meant move swamp monsters out of the swamp and into the cabinet. Ben Cohen said:

It’s clear now that ‘Drain the Swamp’ really meant ‘Suck up all the morally bankrupt billionaires, Wall Street executives, and special-interest pond scum, and then pump them into the White House with a fire hose
— Ben Cohen

Richard Painter: 7 Billlion Tax Bill

Posted by admin on Monday, May 1, 2017

Richard Painter Money Quote saying about Robert Mercer that he got Trump elected and asking whether that will lead to a IRS commissioner that will pursue existing 7 billion dollar taxes case against Mercer. Richard Painter said:

Are we going to have a commissioner of the IRS who aggressively enforces the law and takes good cases to Tax Court or (somebody who) just throws away tax cases so billionaires don’t have to pay their taxes and the rest of us can pay more taxes?
— Richard Painter

Nancy Pilosi: Billionaire Wish List

Posted by admin on Sunday, April 30, 2017

Nancy Pelosi Money Quote saying Donald Trump promised struggling workers a tax plan to help them survive, but instead offers reduce taxes for the wealthy. Nancy Pelosi said:

Instead of focusing on hard-working families as he promised, President Trump’s tax outline is a wish list for billionaires. What few details are here overwhelmingly cut taxes for the richest and do little for middle class Americans and those trying to get there
— Nancy Pelosi

Jamie Raskin: Plutocracy Billionaires Cabinet

Posted by admin on Sunday, January 29, 2017

Jamie Raskin Money Quote saying that seven years after the Jan. 21, 2010 anniversary of Citizens United Supreme Court decision that resulting political dark money in elections has resulted in plutocracy. Jamie Raskin said:

Seven years ago, five justices overturned two centuries of jurisprudence to determine that private business corporations enjoy the political free speech rights of the people. Today after hundreds of millions of dollars in dark money have been spent by CEOs in the name of their unwitting shareholders and billionaires act as our new political bosses and cabinet secretaries, we can see what plutocracy looks like
— Jamie Raskin

John Sarbanes: Billionaires Own Democracy

Posted by admin on Sunday, January 29, 2017

John Sarbanes Money Quote saying on the 7th anniversary (Jan 21, 2010) of the #CitizensUnited Supreme Court decision allowing money as speech, Donald Trump is handing control of our democracy to wealthy donors. John Sarbanes said:

7 years after Citizens United, Donald Trump is giving millionaires and billionaires direct control over our democracy
— John Sarbanes

H.W. Charles: Quarter of Billionaires Jewish

Posted by admin on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

H.W. Charles Money Quote saying high percentage of billionaires and millionaires are of Jewish faith even though they’re a tiny percentage of population. H.W. Charles said:

Jews are estimated to make up less than 1% of the world’s population, yet approximately 25% of the world’s billionaires are Jewish
— H.W. Charles

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