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Bert Hellinger: Money Spent is Richer

Posted by admin on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bert Hellinger Money Quote saying the true purpose of money is in use and circulation, therefore, to be hoarded makes it useless to life – spend it wisely so it can continue to serve it’s purpose. Bert Hellinger said:
Money belongs to life, and it wants to be spent in the service of life. All the richer it will return to us Quote

“Money belongs to life, and it wants to be spent and passed on in the service of life. Money is happy to be spent. All the richer will it return to us” — Bert Hellinger


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In this quote, Bert Hellinger is conveying his view that money is meant to flow and circulate in service of life, not be hoarded or kept static. He suggests that money finds its purpose and highest value when it is spent and shared, not stockpiled away unused.

Hellinger implies that by generously exchanging money to improve lives and help others, it will continue returning and replenishing itself to the giver. His perspective treats money as an instrument for sustaining life’s needs and bringing people together, not something to be possessed for its own sake.

Overall, Hellinger sees money as happiest and most beneficial when it is spent in ways that uplift humanity rather than being withheld or causing imbalance through excess accumulation alone.

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