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Banksy: Keep Coins, Want Change

Posted by admin on Monday, July 26, 2021

Banksy Keep Coins Want Change Image
Banksy Money Quote saying when panhandlers ask for change, it doesn’t always mean financial. Banksy said:
Keep your coins, I want change Quote

“Keep your coins, I want change” — Banksy


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In this quote, Banksy seems to be making a play on words as well as expressing a desire for societal evolution. Specifically:

  • On the surface, Banksy is telling people to keep their coins or spare change, since he wants something more substantial – “change.”
  • However, the double meaning of “change” refers both to currency as well as transformation.
  • Banksy appears to be suggesting that rather than mere money, what he truly seeks is progressive reform and evolution – a new “change” from the status quo through grassroots action and activism.

The best interpretation is that Banksy wants to convey that while currency is a necessity, it is not his priority or end goal. More importantly to him is sparking meaningful evolution and progress on social and political issues through civil disobedience and guerrilla art according to his perspective that true “change” comes from challenging conventions and empowering communities, not just accumulating money or coins.

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