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Adam Schiff: Drain the Swamp Banks

Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Adam Schiff Money Quote saying corruption is strikingly transparent for Mick Mulvaney when telling bankers that lobbyists who contribute can be heard by members of Congress. Adam Schiff said:
Nothing says 'Drain the Swamp' like telling bankers to give more money to politicians who put banks ahead of people Quote

“Nothing says drain the swamp like telling a room full of bankers to give more money to politicians who put the interests of banks ahead of people” — Adam Schiff


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Adam Schiff: Trump Divest Businesses Now

Posted by admin on Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Adam Schiff Money Quote saying Trump will be boxed in on all decisions affecting his business interests and must divest fully. Adam Schiff said:

The only way out of this box is to fully divest. Trump has said he doesn’t care about his business interests anymore. Time to prove it
— Adam Schiff

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