Susan B. Anthony: Union Girls = Pay = Work

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Susan B. Anthony Money Quotation saying in 1869 that women should consider membership in unions and then demand they are paid equally to men when doing the same work. Susan B. Anthony said:
Join the union girls and together say equal pay for equal work Quote

“Join the union, girls, and together say Equal Pay for Equal Work” — Susan B. Anthony


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In this quote, women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony seems to be advocating for women workers to organize collectively in order to campaign for fairer treatment and compensation. By urging women to “join the union” and demand “Equal Pay for Equal Work”, Anthony appears to be encouraging solidarity and united action as a strategy for overcoming gender inequities in the labor market.

The quote conveys Anthony’s view that by organizing and speaking with one voice, women stood a better chance of pressuring employers and lawmaker to institute the principle of non-discriminatory wages based purely on the work performed rather than other attributes like gender.

Overall, Anthony seems to have been promoting the empowerment of women through union membership and collective bargaining as a means of achieving equal pay for work of equal value and effort regardless of whether it was performed by men or women.

Birthday February 15, 1820 – Died March 13, 1906

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