Sunday Adelaja: Salary A Mortgage

Posted by admin on Monday, October 16, 2023

Sunday Adelaja said: to work for a salary from an employer is the same as mortgaging your life to them.

To work for salary is to mortgage your life Quote

“To work for salary is to mortgage your life” — Sunday Adelaja


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This quote from Sunday Adelaja suggests that working solely for a fixed wage or salary paid by an employer amounts to essentially “mortgaging” or leveraging one’s life and time. Some key points in interpreting his perspective:

  • Adelaja portrays being reliant on a salary as trading away personal freedom and autonomy over how one’s hours are spent for the security of regular pay.
  • He implies this sacrifices independence and leaves one beholden to others’ demands in order to earn a living.
  • However, salaried work also provides stability for many and is a necessity regardless of philosophical views on independence.
  • Reasonable people can disagree on these complex issues, as both employment and entrepreneurship each have pros and cons depending on individual circumstances.

Overall, while reflecting Adelaja’s viewpoint promoting self-employment, a balanced interpretation acknowledges both his perspective and that reasonable observers recognize the value in a diversity of valid work arrangements according to personal situations and stage of life. The quote captures one stance in ongoing debates around optimizing career fulfillment and work-life balance in modern economies.

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