Steve Mnuchin: Bank Stock Thank Me

Posted by admin on Monday, May 1, 2017

Steve Mnuchin Money Quote saying as the new Secretary of the Treasury that his influence on Trump policies helped the markets and bank stocks in particular. Steven Mnuchin said:
You should all thank me for your bank stocks doing better Quote

“You should all thank me for your bank stocks doing better” — Steve Mnuchin


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In this quote, Steve Mnuchin, who was serving as Treasury Secretary at the time, made a boastful and self-congratulatory remark about rising bank stock prices. By stating “You should all thank me for your bank stocks doing better”, Mnuchin took credit for the financial performance of bank shares as if it was primarily due to his own actions and leadership as Treasury Secretary.

The interpretation is that Mnuchin made an arrogant and self-aggrandizing claim that exaggerated his role in bank stocksgains. His comment conveys an inflated sense of self-importance for outcomes largely resulting from broader economic trends and investor behavior that the Treasury Secretary had limited direct control over.

Overall, Mnuchin’s statement suggests taking an undue victory lap and portraying bank stock movements as a personal referendum on his performance, rather than properly acknowledging their complex drivers and his more limited role. His boastful tone and individualistic framing of systemic financial fluctuations as a referendum on himself alone come across as immodest and an overreach according to this perspective.

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