Stephen Hawking: Pay School Fees

Posted by admin on Saturday, August 7, 2021

Stephen Hawking Money Quote saying Cosmos was written to help pay for his daughter’s schooling. Stephen Hawking said:
My intention was partly to earn money to pay my daughter's school fees Quote

“I first had the idea of writing a popular book about the universe in 1982. My intention was partly to earn money to pay my daughter’s school fees” — Stephen Hawking


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In this quote, Stephen Hawking is explaining part of his motivation for writing his well-known popular science book “A Brief History of Time.” While his primary goal was undoubtedly to educate the public about complex cosmological concepts in an accessible way, Hawking acknowledges that another factor driving him was a practical one – to earn enough money through book sales to pay for his daughter’s private school tuition.

His statement suggests that financial security for his family was an important secondary consideration alongside his desire to share his scientific knowledge and passion for exploring the mysteries of the universe with broader audiences.

Overall, the quote provides insight into Hawking’s pragmatic side as well as his commitment to supporting his daughter’s education.

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