Socrates: Contentment is Natural Wealth

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Socrates Money Quotation saying there is nothing needed or desired when we are emotionally wealthy – content. Socrates said:
Socrates Contentment is natural wealth; luxury, artificial poverty quote

“Contentment is natural wealth; luxury, artificial poverty” — Socrates


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In this quote, Socrates is contrasting the natural state of contentment with artificially created wants and needs. He argues that being satisfied with what one has is a form of true wealth, while constantly desiring more luxuries despite already having enough leads to an artificial feeling of poverty.

Socrates suggests that learning to appreciate life’s basic blessings results in inner prosperity, whereas pursuing an endless array of comforts and indulgences breeds a sense of lack.

His view is that wealth begins from within by adjusting one’s perspective and expectations, rather than through acquiring ever more possessions.

Overall, Socrates sees contentment with little as a natural form of wealth, while the desire for luxury creates a poverty of spirit.

Birthday: c. 470 – Death: 399 BC

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