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Posted by admin on Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sheldon Adelson Money Quotation saying political donations are the reason he has such a large circle of friends in politics and Washington DC. Sheldon Adelson said:
The reasons aren’t my good looks and charm. It’s my pocket personality Quote

“The reasons aren’t my good looks and charm. It’s my pocket personality” — Sheldon Adelson


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In this quote, Sheldon Adelson is making a self-deprecating joke about the source of his influence and success. As a billionaire casino magnate, Adelson acknowledges that his wealth (“pocket”) rather than any charisma (“personality”) is likely the defining quality that others respond to.

The quote suggests that Adelson recognizes his significant financial resources afford him access and attention that extend beyond personal attributes alone.

He appears to be wryly conceding that in business and political circles, vast riches can be more compelling than charm. Overall, Adelson appears to be poking fun at how money shapes perceptions and opportunities in a way that transcends one’s innate qualities or character.

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