Sharan Burrow: Economic Inequality Design

Posted by admin on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sharan Burrow Money Quotation saying we build businesses on an unequal foundation out of selfishness. Sharan Burrow said:
Our current economic model is inequality by design Quote

“Our current economic model is inequality by design” — Sharan Burrow


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In this quote, Sharan Burrow is criticizing how the prevailing economic system seems to be deliberately structured in a way that builds in inequality. By stating it is “inequality by design”, Burrow implies the model is not just producing unequal outcomes by happenstance, but rather inequality is intentionally incorporated and even incentivized within the fundamental architecture and rules that govern the economy.

She appears to be arguing the system is not merely imperfect or unbalanced but is purposefully built to concentrate wealth and resources within fewer hands over time. Burrow’s comment therefore portrays the status quo economic framework as inherently biased towards growing disparities in areas like wages, wealth, and living standards between different segments of society.

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