Shakespeare: Money By Vile Means

Posted by admin on Friday, September 23, 2022

Meaning of William Shakespeare Money Quote: saying not to earn dirty money rather sell body parts for cash. William Shakespeare said:
raise no money by vile means. By heaven, I had rather coin my heart, And drop my blood for drachmas Quote

“For I can raise no money by vile means. By heaven, I had rather coin my heart, And drop my blood for drachmas” — William Shakespeare


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In this quote, William Shakespeare seems to be expressing a strong aversion to obtaining money through dishonorable or corrupt methods, even if it would provide financial gain. Some key points:

  • He states that he cannot “raise no money by vile means” – implying he refuses to engage in unethical behaviors just to accumulate wealth.
  • Shakespeare then says he would rather “coin my heart” – meaning cut or carve up his heart, a metaphor for enduring deep emotional pain or anguish.
  • He also suggests he would be willing to “drop my blood for drachmas” – referencing the ancient Greek coin, again indicating enduring physical suffering over engaging in wrongdoing for profit.

Overall, the quote conveys Shakespeare’s perspective that personal integrity and morality are more important to him than any amount of money. He portrays himself as unwilling to compromise his principles or inflict harm even on himself just to enrich himself financially through disreputable schemes. Maintaining virtue and honor holds higher value than material gains through corrupt channels according to this view.

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