Shakespeare on Counterfeiting Coins

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Shakespeare Money Quotation saying in King Lear that Governments mint coins at will, while citizens would face steep penalties for that act. Shakespeare said:
No, they can’t accuse me of counterfeiting coins. I’m the king himself Quote

“No, they can’t accuse me of counterfeiting coins. I’m the king himself” — William Shakespeare


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In this quote, William Shakespeare is having one of his characters, who is a king, make a statement about accusations of counterfeiting coins.

The interpretation is that as the king, he is essentially above the law and any criminal charges. As the monarch and ruler, he is the highest legal authority, so cannot be prosecuted for any financial crimes like producing fake currency.

The underlying message seems to be that absolute power and position can place one beyond normal legal accountability for their actions. The king is implying that as the head of state, no one has jurisdiction to bring charges against him for counterfeiting, since he embodies the law itself as king.

Birthday April 23, 1564 – Died April 23, 1616

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