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Posted by admin on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Reportedly first used by Seth Leedy in 2010
Money Word - Cryptofinance Quote

Money Word “Cryptofinance” — Seth Leedy


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Money Words – Finance Neologisms


The money word “cryptofinance” seems to have been coined by Seth Leedy to refer to the new industry and field of finance that utilizes cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Some key points:

  • “Crypto” refers to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, while “finance” indicates it relates to financial services, products and investments.
  • Cryptofinance likely describes the growing sector of financial services that deal specifically with cryptocurrencies, such as exchanges, trading, lending, payments, investments and fundraising (ICOs/IEOs).
  • It aims to capture how cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are enabling new forms of financial activities and instruments outside of traditional banking and Wall Street.
  • By coining this term, Leedy helped create a label for the emerging niche of finance centered around these digital assets and distributed ledger technologies.

So in summary, “cryptofinance” encompasses the financial industry and services that work with cryptocurrencies as part of the new digital economy enabled by blockchain technology.

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