Sean Spicer: Prosperous Press Secretary

Posted by admin on Monday, January 23, 2017

Sean Spicer Money Quote commenting at University of Chicago Institute on Politics on why being truthful matters as newly named Trump Press Secretary – because it could help him prosper in his life after the Whitehouse.



Sean Spicer said: “So all I can tell you is that I intend to have, hopefully, a very prosperous life after this” — Sean Spicer


This quote seems to be referring to Sean Spicer’s intentions after leaving his role as White House Press Secretary.

The quote indicates that Spicer hopes to have a “very prosperous life” once he is no longer serving in the Trump administration. This implies he expects to find lucrative career and financial opportunities after departing from his government position.

By mentioning his goal of a “prosperous life after this”, Spicer seems to be signaling that he does not intend to fade into obscurity after leaving the White House. Rather, he hopes to leverage his high-profile government experience and connections into profitable private sector work and opportunities that will allow him to have a comfortable lifestyle going forward.

Overall, the quote suggests Spicer was optimistic and ambitious about his post-White House career prospects, expecting that his time serving as Press Secretary would open doors to opportunities enabling a successful professional and financial future.

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