Scott Santens: Perils of Unemployment

Posted by admin on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Scott Santens Money Quote saying we believe we’d never resort to unethical or even criminal behavior, but when pushed hard with financial pressures things get unexpectedly real and push us further than we wish to go. Scott Santens said:
How many lines do we say we'd never cross, when the time comes, to avoid the perils of unemployment Quote

“Consider just what we do in order to continue earning money to live. How many lines do we say we'd never cross, but end up crossing when the time comes, to avoid the perils of unemployment?” — Scott Santens


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Scott Santens is suggesting that many people will reluctantly compromise their principles or values in order to keep their job and avoid the negative consequences of unemployment, such as lack of income and inability to afford basic needs. He implies that when faced with the threat of losing employment, workers may feel compelled to behave in ways they would not otherwise, such as saying or doing things they previously claimed were unacceptable.

Santens seems to be criticizing how the insecurity of needing wages to survive can undermine personal integrity, as people feel pressured into crossing lines or boundaries they had drawn just to avoid the perils of unemployment. His quote highlights the way economic coercion within the job market can diminish individual freedom and force compromise of one’s principles.


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