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Posted by admin on Sunday, December 10, 2017

Scott Santens Money Quote saying that December 10, 1948 – the United Nations General Assembly voted to support a minimum standard of living and health care as basic human rights. Scott Santens said:
world came together to declare human beings had a human right to an adequate standard of living Quote

“69 years ago today, the world came together to declare human beings had a human right to “an adequate standard of living,” and to this day, no nation has yet recognized that right with both universal health care & basic income” — Scott Santens


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Scott Santens is referring to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN on December 10, 1948, which declared that everyone has the right to an adequate standard of living.

However, Santens argues that to this day, no country has fully realized and implemented that right by providing both universal healthcare coverage and some form of basic or universal income for all citizens. While some nations may have one or the other, no place has established both as human rights that ensure all people can afford their basic needs like health and living expenses.

Santens is criticizing the gap between proclaiming economic rights and actually fulfilling them in a comprehensive way through policy that guarantees healthcare and a minimum income floor for every person.


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