Sarah Rees Brennan: Love Worth It

Posted by admin on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Meaning of Sarah Rees Brennan Money Quote: saying The cost of love is high, but worth every cent. Sarah Rees Brennan said:
Love always costs more than you can afford to pay... And it's always worth the price Quote

“Love always costs more than you can afford to pay… And it’s always worth the price” — Sarah Rees Brennan


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This quote from Sarah Rees Brennan suggests that love often requires making difficult sacrifices and facing hardships. While love demands a high price emotionally and sometimes financially, it is still “worth the price” according to the author.

The quote acknowledges that love is not always easy and comes with costs, but the rewards of finding love and building meaningful relationships make facing those challenges worthwhile.

Overall, the quote conveys that even though love demands more from us than we might feel able to give at times, the value of love in our lives makes it a price worth paying.

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