Sara Teasdale: Enough Riches

Posted by admin on Thursday, August 8, 2019

Sara Teasdale Money Quote saying that the wealth of mind is all that is needed. Sara Teasdale said:
 have no riches but my thoughts, Yet these are wealth enough for me Quote

“I have no riches but my thoughts, Yet these are wealth enough for me” — Sara Teasdale


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In this quote, Sara Teasdale seems to be expressing contentment with non-material, intellectual wealth and riches rather than tangible, physical possessions or money. By saying “I have no riches but my thoughts”, she acknowledges lacking financial wealth or material goods. However, she considers her thoughts, ideas, imagination, knowledge and creativity to be a form of wealth that is enough to satisfy her.

She finds richness in intellectual or spiritual pursuits rather than placing value only on accumulating wealth in a monetary sense. The quote conveys an appreciation for the inner riches of the mind as being just as or more fulfilling than physical riches. Teasdale suggests one can lead a rich life through the bounties of thought, ideas and imagination alone, without requiring great financial wealth or possessions.

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