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Posted by admin on Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Samuel Johnson Money Quote saying Money can’t give a path to pleasure or pain. Samuel Johnson said:
Money can neither open new avenues to pleasure, nor block up the passages of anguish Quote

“Money can neither open new avenues to pleasure, nor block up the passages of anguish” — Samuel Johnson


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In this quote, Samuel Johnson is commenting on the limited power of money in terms of one’s happiness and suffering. When he says money can neither “open new avenues to pleasure” nor “block up the passages of anguish”, Johnson is suggesting that wealth alone cannot guarantee happiness or prevent emotional pain. While money may enable certain experiences and opportunities for enjoyment, it does not necessarily equate to or directly cause fulfillment.

Similarly, money is unable to shield one from life’s difficulties like loss, illness or emotional turmoil. The quote implies Johnson believes true well-being and distress depend more on inner qualities and relationships rather than financial status. Overall, he appears to be arguing that money has restricted influence over one’s capacity for pleasure or anguish.

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