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Posted by admin on Sunday, December 31, 2023

Meaning of Samantha Harvey Money Quote: saying Greed is wasting money or any resources. Samantha Harvey said:
Laziness is a man wasting time, greed is him wasting food or money Quote

“Laziness is a man wasting time, greed is him wasting food or money” — Samantha Harvey


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In this quote, Samantha Harvey is drawing a distinction between laziness and greed. She argues that laziness refers specifically to wasting one’s own time, while greed involves wasting resources that could help others such as food or money.

The implication seems to be that laziness is more of a personal vice that primarily affects just the individual, whereas greed has a broader social impact by squandering assets that could alleviate the needs of those less fortunate.

So Harvey views greed as a more serious transgression than laziness because it deprives others rather than just oneself through the hoarding or misuse of commodities that could support greater distribution of wealth and help address poverty or hunger in society.

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