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Posted by admin on Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Meaning of Sally Rooney Money Quote: saying physical cash makes our existence real and creates a sexy corruption to those holding it. Sally Rooney said:

money makes the world real. There's something so corrupt and sexy about it Quote

“That’s money, the substance that makes the world real. There’s something so corrupt and sexy about it” — Sally Rooney


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This quote from Sally Rooney suggests that money plays a central yet complicated role in our lives and societies. Some key points in interpreting her perspective:

  • Rooney portrays money as what gives substance and reality to the world in a practical sense, as financial resources are necessary to participate in the economy.
  • She implies money has an alluring or tempting quality (“sexy”) likely because of its power and what it enables, though this power can also enable harms if abused.
  • Rooney’s reference to money being “corrupt” conveys the viewpoint that its influence is not always positive due to potential for prioritizing profits over people or enabling excesses.
  • However, money also supports important needs and opportunities when governed responsibly through prudent systems and compassionate policies.

Overall, while reflecting Rooney’s mixed view of money’s impacts, a balanced interpretation is that financial security, when balanced with other priorities through open-minded discussions, provides a foundation for individuals and communities to build purposeful lives according to their own values. Both opportunities and risks require consideration to optimize welfare for all in discussions of complex topics where reasonable people can disagree in good faith.

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