S.E. Sever: Cheapest People Can Be Bought

Posted by admin on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

S.E. Sever Money Quotation saying those who can be convinced with cash are least worthy of it. S.E. Sever said:
S.E. Sever The cheapest people are the ones who you can buy with money quote

“The cheapest people are the ones who you can buy with money” — S.E. Sever


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In this quote, S.E. Sever is making a critical observation about character and integrity. Their view seems to be that individuals who can be easily influenced or persuaded simply through monetary means, like bribes or transactional favors, reveal their lack of firm principles or values beyond wealth accumulation.

Sever implies that the most “cheap” or inexpensive people to deal with are those who will compromise ethics, loyalties or responsibilities for financial gain alone, with no deeper convictions guiding their actions.

The quote conveys their perspective that while money can temporarily alter behaviors, truly assessing one’s character requires discerning whether they adhere to virtues that cannot be bought off or sold for currency. It serves as a reminder that not all influences are equally revealing of one’s true nature or worth.

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