Ryszard Kapuscinski on Money Flexibility

Posted by admin on Friday, December 6, 2013

Ryszard Kapuscinski Money Quotation saying money turns even the hardest mind malleable and flexible when making decisions. Ryszard Kapuscinski said:
Money changes all the iron rules into rubber bands Quote

“Money changes all the iron rules into rubber bands” — Ryszard Kapuscinski


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In this quote, Ryszard Kapuscinski is suggesting that having money can allow one to circumvent or bend many strict rules and conventions that would otherwise apply. The quote portrays money as making what were once “iron rules” – rigid, unyielding and impossible to break – become more flexible like “rubber bands” that can stretch and distort without snapping.

Kapuscinski implies that wealth creates opportunities to manipulate or work outside of limitations that govern most people’s circumstances and behaviors. The quote conveys the significant power and influence that financial abundance can provide in overcoming obstacles, bending policies to one’s favor, and bypassing restrictions that money typically relaxes or nullifies.

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