Rush Limbaugh: Mother’s Milk

Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Rush Limbaugh Money Quote saying money fuels politics as well as most everything else. Rush Limbaugh said:
Money is the mother's milk of everything, and it certainly is the mother's milk of politics Quote

“Money is the mother’s milk of everything, and it certainly is the mother’s milk of politics” — Rush Limbaugh


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In this quote, Rush Limbaugh seems to be emphasizing the significant role that money plays in politics. By stating that money is “the mother’s milk of everything” and “certainly…the mother’s milk of politics”, Limbaugh implies financial resources are essentially what fuels and sustains all areas of public policy and political campaigns.

The quote conveys Limbaugh’s perspective that wealth holds tremendous influence in government and elections, perhaps even more so than ideas, issues or public service. Overall, he appears to be acknowledging that fundraising and access to large monetary donations are pivotal factors that drive decision-making and competition for political power in the modern era.

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