Rupert Murdoch: $5 Billion Wreck

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 11, 2021

Rupert Murdoch Money Quote saying about the purchase of the Wall Street Journal in 2007 that intentions were not to destroy the company. Rupert Murdoch said:
Why would I spend $5 billion for something in order to wreck it? Quote

“Why would I spend $5 billion for something in order to wreck it?” — Rupert Murdoch


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In this quote, Rupert Murdoch is likely referring to criticisms that arose when his company acquired major assets like The Wall Street Journal and 21st Century Fox. His rhetorical question is suggesting that the notion he would spend billions of dollars to acquire something only to deliberately sabotage or damage it makes no logical sense.

The quote implies his goal in making large purchases and investments is to build up and strengthen the businesses, not intentionally run them into the ground. Murdoch seems to be defending against accusations that his intentions are to wreck or undermine valuable companies and properties that he spends heavily to obtain.

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