Rudyard Kipling: Price Owning You

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Meaning of Rudyard Kipling Money Quote: saying not cost is too much to own yourself (also attributed to Friedrich Nietzsche). Rudyard Kipling said:

But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself Quote

“But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself” — Rudyard Kipling


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The quote is often interpreted as a statement about the importance of individual autonomy and the willingness to take risks and embrace challenges in order to achieve personal growth. It is also seen as a rejection of the idea that individuals should conform to societal expectations or norms, and instead, they should strive to be true to themselves and their own values.

This quote is attributed to both Rudyard Kipling and Friedrich Nietzsche because the exact origins are unclear. While the money quote states Kipling said it, the sentiment is similar to ideas expressed by Nietzsche. Nietzsche wrote about the importance of individual autonomy and living according to your own values rather than society’s expectations.

Since the quote’s meaning aligns with his philosophy, it became associated with him as well over time. Scholars have not been able to definitively say which thinker coined the exact words. So both Kipling and Nietzsche are cited as the possible original sources.

Birthday: December 30, 1865 – Death: January 18, 1936

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