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Posted by admin on Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Meaning of Rory Sutherland Money Quote: saying When you insist on only the logical, you risk losing the magical in the bargain. Rory Sutherland said:

When you demand logic, you pay a hidden price, you destroy magic Rory Sutherland Quote

“When you demand logic, you pay a hidden price: you destroy magic” — Rory Sutherland


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In this quote, Rory Sutherland is cautioning that an over-reliance on logic and rationality can come at the cost of losing a sense of “magic”. He seems to be arguing that in demanding fully logical or evidence-based explanations for everything, we sacrifice elements of life that are mysterious, serendipitous, or inspire wonder.

Sutherland suggests that constantly prioritizing logic and reason above all else may diminish our capacity for imagination, creativity, and openness to experiences that can’t be logically explained. His view appears to be that while logic has its place, an excess of it can undermine qualities like creativity, inspiration and even a sense of magic or mystery in art, relationships and experiences if we demand they conform strictly to reason and evidence at every turn.

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