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Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Meaning of Rodney R. White Money Quote: saying It is free to dream – but very expensive not to dream. Rodney R. White said:
It costs nothing to dream and everything not to Quote

“It costs nothing to dream and everything not to” — Rodney White


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In this quote, Rodney White is encouraging people to pursue their dreams and aspirations. By stating that it “costs nothing to dream” but costs “everything not to”, White suggests that dreaming is free while failing to follow one’s dreams carries a high price.

The quote implies the opportunities and fulfillment lost by not striving for goals or visions far outweigh any risks or costs of trying.

White appears to be advocating that people invest the time and effort to envision what they want from life and then work to make those dreams reality, as the alternative of not dreaming at all denies oneself potential rewards and leaves one settling for less.

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