Robert Louis Stevenson: Sell, Live

Posted by admin on Friday, July 17, 2020

Robert Louis Stevenson Money Quote saying we all have something of value we exchange to live our lives. Robert Louis Stevenson said:
Everyone lives by selling something Quote

“Everyone lives by selling something” — Robert Louis Stevenson


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In this quote, Robert Louis Stevenson is recognizing that making a living and participating in the economy requires exchanging something of value. He’s pointing out that in some way, everyone contributes to society through offering goods, services, skills or labor that they can then use to fulfill their own needs and wants.

Whether it’s through a traditional job, freelance work, entrepreneurship, or other means, Stevenson is acknowledging that to live and thrive, people must provide or “sell” something that others find useful in return for compensation.

The quote suggests he views participating in the marketplace as a universal human truth, and that finding ways to offer value to others is an inherent part of sustaining oneself and one’s livelihood.

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