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Robert Louis Stevenson Money Quotation saying we may have all the money that we need and still have nothing in our hearts. Robert Louis Stevenson said:
The purse may be full and the heart empty Quote

“The purse may be full and the heart empty” — Robert Louis Stevenson


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In this quote, Robert Louis Stevenson is highlighting that wealth and material possessions alone do not equate to fulfillment or happiness. Having a “full purse” or plenty of money does not necessarily mean one has inner wealth as well, represented by a “full heart.”

The quote suggests that true richness comes from non-monetary sources like strong relationships, purpose, creativity, and personal growth. Stevenson seems to be cautioning against equating financial abundance with well-being, implying that an empty inner life is possible even for those who are financially secure.

Overall, the quote conveys Stevenson’s view that while money is important, it is not the sole or ultimate measure of a rich and rewarding existence.

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