Robert Louis Stevenson on Pleasing Rich Desires

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Robert Louis Stevenson Money Quotation saying those with means can travel the world in search of pleasure, but still may not be able to satisfy their desires. Robert Louis Stevenson said:
The rich man can go where he pleases, but perhaps please himself nowhere Quote

“The rich man can go where he pleases, but perhaps please himself nowhere” — Robert Louis Stevenson


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In this quote, Robert Louis Stevenson is suggesting that while wealth may provide financial freedom and opportunities to travel or access certain experiences, it does not necessarily equate to fulfillment, happiness or the ability to truly please oneself. Having money allows one to go wherever they want physically, but it does not guarantee inner contentment or that a person’s deeper needs will be met.

The quote implies that riches alone do not lead to true pleasure or satisfaction, and that inner wealth is more important. Stevenson seems to be cautioning that wealth does not always translate to well-being and that pleasing oneself ultimately comes from non-monetary sources like strong relationships, purpose and personal growth rather than surface pleasures money can buy.

Birthday: November 13, 1850 – Death: December 3, 1894

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