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Posted by admin on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Robert Kiyosaki Money Quote saying it matters a lot who or what is doing the work – is it money or us? Robert Kiyosaki said:
I write books and create products that teach people how to have money work hard for them Quote

“We go to school to learn to work hard for money. I write books and create products that teach people how to have money work hard for them” — Robert Kiyosaki


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In this quote, Robert Kiyosaki seems to be contrasting conventional education’s focus on preparing students for traditional employment, versus his own teachings about entrepreneurship and passive income strategies.

By stating that in school “we go to learn to work hard for money”, Kiyosaki implies the education system trains people for careers that exchange labor for wages or salaries. However, he then notes that through his books and products he aims to educate others on “how to have money work hard for them”, suggesting he promotes principles of building wealth through business ownership, real estate investing, stock market participation and other means of generating income without directly “working” for it through a traditional job or career.

The quote conveys Kiyosaki’s perspective that formal schooling socializes people for active participation in the workforce to earn money, whereas his teachings provide an alternative framework centered on passive or leveraged income generation through business and investment vehicles that allow money to work autonomously on behalf of the individual with less dependence on employment.

Overall, Kiyosaki appears to be contrasting a school system focused on vocational preparation with his own philosophy of financial education geared towards entrepreneurial mindsets and strategies for accumulating wealth through indirect means that require less direct labor over the long run according to his viewpoint.

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