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Posted by admin on Thursday, March 2, 2023

Meaning of Robert T. Kiyosaki Money Quote: saying fear is a motivating factor when it comes to income from their job and become slaves to the work. Robert T. Kiyosaki said:
working for money. Most people become a slave to money… and then get angry at their boss

“Just know that it’s fear that keeps most people working at a job. The fear of not paying their bills. The fear of being fired. The fear of not having enough money. the fear of starting over. That’s the price of studying to learn a profession or trade, and then working for money. Most people become a slave to money… and then get angry at their boss” — Robert T. Kiyosaki


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In this quote, Robert T. Kiyosaki is discussing how fear can essentially keep many people trapped in conventional jobs and careers where they work for money. He says that common fears like not paying bills, losing one’s job, having insufficient money, or needing to start over professionally are what drive most people to remain stuck in the routine of working to earn money.

Kiyosaki then states that this is the “price” that people pay for getting an education or training in a specific profession or trade – it leaves them dependent on continuous employment and a steady income stream out of fear. He argues that this makes most people become “a slave to money” where they are controlled and constrained by their financial needs and worries.

Finally, he suggests that this situation of being enslaved to money for security and survival is what often leads people to feel angry or resentful towards their bosses and current employment situations. So in essence, the quote is about how fear of financial insecurity and the demands of earning money can imprison people in conventional jobs and careers that leave them feeling frustrated.

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