Robert Greene: Worth Paying For

Posted by admin on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Meaning of Robert Greene Money Quote: saying if things have real value, then pay full price for them. Robert Greene said:

What has worth is worth paying for Quote

“What has worth is worth paying for” — Robert Greene


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Robert Greene suggests that anything of true value or worth inherently has a price attached to it. A few key points:

  • What has worth refers to things, goals, or achievements that are genuinely meaningful or valuable.
  • Greene states these worthwhile things “are worth paying for.” This implies they do not come easily or free of cost.
  • To obtain or accomplish something significant requires giving up or sacrificing something else in return, such as time, money, effort, discomfort or risk.
  • According to Greene, the price we must pay correlates to the inherent value of the reward. More worthwhile prizes demand higher costs or prices.
  • The quote encourages recognizing the relationship between worth and cost, and accepting we must invest appropriately if we want to gain or achieve things of real significance.

Overall, Greene seems to be saying we should not expect worthwhile rewards, accomplishments or possessions to be effortless or without requirement of exchange. Their value is tied to the price we must pay to obtain them.

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