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Posted by admin on Saturday, October 16, 2021

Robby Mook Money Quote saying Trump has financial entanglements and sources that he doesn’t want known and they affect his net worth. Robby Mook said:
financial interests that he refuses to disclose. They actually affect his net worth Quote

“We look at Donald Trump: his bottom line is interconnected to all kinds of financial interests that he refuses to disclose. They actually affect his net worth” — Robby Mook


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In this quote, Robby Mook seems to be criticizing Donald Trump’s lack of financial transparency and suggesting it raises legitimate questions about conflicts of interest. Specifically:

  • Mook states that Trump’s “bottom line” or financial interests are “interconnected to all kinds of financial interests” that are kept secret due to his refusal to disclose them.
  • He implies these various holdings could influence Trump’s decision-making and pose potential conflicts between his private business dealings and public duties as president.
  • Mook also argues that Trump’s actual “net worth” may be different from what is known since his full financial picture is obscured without complete transparency

The best interpretation is that Mook is expressing skepticism about Trump and insinuating hidden financial entanglements could compromise his leadership, since the American people have an incomplete picture of his full economic interests and how they interconnect due to his lack of disclosure according to campaign standards. Mook appears to be using the lack of transparency to raise doubts about Trump’s motivations and potential conflicts of interest.

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