Ro Khanna: Wealthiest Care for Poor

Posted by admin on Friday, June 22, 2018

Ro Khanna Money Quote saying as Representative of Silicon Valley Congressional District that we have become the most wealthy nation and need to find ways to serve our poorest citizens. Ro Khanna said:
It's time to put poor people in the center of our policy debates. How we care for the poor Quote

“It’s time to put poor people in the center of our policy debates. We are the wealthiest and most powerful nation in human history. Our accomplishments in science and technology are unparalleled. We must now find the will to match these achievements in how we care for the poor.” — Ro Khanna


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In this quote, Congressman Ro Khanna seems to be advocating for a shift in priorities and focus when it comes to policymaking debates. Khanna argues that rather than being peripheral considerations, the needs and circumstances of those living in poverty should be “put in the center” and at the forefront of discussions.

He notes that as the wealthiest and most technologically advanced nation, the United States has demonstrated immense capabilities in fields like science and innovation. However, Khanna believes the same level of will, resources and ingenuity have not been sufficiently directed towards supporting disadvantaged populations and reducing poverty within American borders.

The overall interpretation is that Khanna is calling for policies that empower and uplift the poor to receive equal consideration, given the immense means and problem-solving abilities the country has exhibited in other domains according to his perspective expressed in this quote. He appears to want to see comparable ambition applied to combating poverty as the nation shows in its scientific achievements.


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