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Posted by admin on Saturday, August 14, 2021

Ricki Lake Money Quote saying If she’d been on a game show, she’d have had to pay the prize money. Ricki Lake said:
If I had been on 'Bowling for Dollars,' I'd wind up owing them money Quote

“If I had been on ‘Bowling for Dollars,’ I’d wind up owing them money” — Ricki Lake


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In this quote, Ricki Lake seems to be jokingly acknowledging that she has a tendency to be overly competitive and lucky to a fault when it comes to games of chance. Specifically:

  • Lake references the game show “Bowling for Dollars” where contestants could win or lose money based on their bowling skills.
  • She states that if she had been a contestant, she likely would have ended up “owing them money” rather than winning any, due to either poor bowling ability or unlucky rolls.
  • Lake implies she can get carried away when money is on the line in chance-based competitions and her competitive spirit may backfire financially.

The best interpretation is that Lake is playfully suggesting she possesses a bold, go-for-broke attitude in games involving money and luck that could potentially result in losses rather than wins due to either overconfidence in her abilities or simply bad rolls of the dice, as her joking comment humorously portrays herself as someone who may take risks in gambling formats to a fault rather than always to her financial advantage according to her self-deprecating perspective on her tendencies in chance-based contests and amusements involving cash stakes.

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