Rick Yancey: Currency of Promise

Posted by admin on Sunday, March 18, 2018

Rick Yancey Money Quote saying that when the only thing of value left are promises, they must be spent sparingly if they are to maintain their worth. Rick Yancey said:
Promises are the only currency left. They must be spent wisely Quote

“Promises are the only currency left. They must be spent wisely” — Rick Yancey


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In this quote, Rick Yancey is referring to the importance and value of keeping one’s word, especially in difficult times. Some key points:

  • Yancey notes that when other forms of wealth, resources or stability may be lacking, “promises are the only currency left” – in other words, one’s integrity and trustworthiness as evidenced by keeping promises are extremely valuable.
  • He implies that promises take on an even greater significance and importance when options are limited, as people will rely more heavily on the assurances and dependability of others.
  • Yancey advocates “spending” promises, or using one’s credibility and pledged word, “wisely” due to how impactful broken promises could be for relationships and planning when little else can be counted on.
  • The quote conveys that honesty, reliability and follow-through on commitments are especially crucial during challenging periods, as they provide stability and hope where other anchors may be absent.

Overall, Yancey’s message promotes upholding promises and agreements as a kind of social and emotional wealth that preserves community when material wealth cannot, emphasizing promises as a currency that must be handled responsibly for the benefit of all.

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