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Posted by admin on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Richie Norton Money Quote saying we bestow our trust and that trust endows value in all currencies. Once lost, trust is forever gone, making the trusted object worthless. Richie Norton said:
Trust is the only currency.  Once trust is gone, the value is gone Quote

Trust isn’t just the greatest currency, it’s the only currency. Once trust is gone in any form of currency, the value is gone
— Richie Norton


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In this quote, Richie Norton is emphasizing the supreme importance and value of trust in all relationships and systems that involve exchange. Some key points:

  • Norton states that trust is not just the greatest form of “currency” between people, but the only currency that truly matters.
  • He suggests that without trust, any other medium of exchange – whether money, favors, promises, etc. – instantly loses its worth or “value” to function as currency.
  • Norton implies that trust is the foundation upon which all other currencies operate and derive meaning. If trust is gone, the entire system breaks down.
  • The quote conveys that trustworthiness, reliability and integrity are preconditions for any currency or transaction to have significance. They are non-negotiable foundations of social and economic order.

Overall, Norton promotes cultivating and safeguarding trust above all other priorities, as it enables all other currencies and relationships to have meaning. He sees trust as the master currency that makes possible and gives value to every other form of exchange between individuals, businesses and societies.

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