Richard Fuller: Inexpensive Recreation

Posted by admin on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Richard Fuller Money Quotation saying to be frugal with vacations and recreation is a wise move. Richard Fuller said:
Richard Fuller Choose such pleasures as recreate much and cost little quote

“Choose such pleasures as recreate much and cost little” — Richard Fuller


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In this quote, Richard Fuller is offering prudent advice about leisure activities and enjoyment. His view seems to be that when choosing how to spend one’s free time and pursue pleasures, it is best to opt for options that provide much replenishment and refreshment of mind/body without excessive cost.

Fuller implies that high-value, low-cost pleasures are ideal since they allow one to reap rewards of relaxation and fun without breaking the bank. His perspective encourages finding enjoyment through affordable means that significantly recharge one for minimal monetary investment.

The quote conveys Fuller’s belief that to get the most benefit from leisure, focus on pastimes that offer abundant reward relative to their price for optimal work-life balance and well-being.

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