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Posted by admin on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Richard Branson Money Quote saying there is more to life than our work life and an increase in free time would benefit us as much as work does. Richard Branson said:
Purpose of humanity is not to sit behind a counter and sell things Quote

“The purpose of humanity is not just to sit behind a counter and sell things. More free time is not a terrible thing” — Richard Branson


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In this quote, Richard Branson is expressing his view that the purpose of humanity is broader than just commercial activities like selling things from behind a counter. He seems to be suggesting that people should not define themselves or their value solely by their jobs or careers.

Branson also states that having more free time available is “not a terrible thing”, implying that greater work-life balance and time for family, community, personal growth or hobbies outside of work are important parts of life and human fulfillment.

The quote conveys Branson’s philosophy that people should not feel obligated to constantly labor without rest or that their entire identity and worth is tied up in their occupation. He advocates for a perspective where free time, purpose beyond work, and holistic well-being are also valued.

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