Ralph Waldo Emerson: Fast Wealth Enrich?

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Ralph Waldo Emerson Money Quote saying a windfall may come to a poor person, unaccustomed to wealth and then they lose it to waste or careless spending. Ralph Waldo Emerson said:
Sudden wealth, like a lottery, does not permanently enrich - quickly dissapated Quote

“Sudden wealth, like a prize drawn in a lottery, or a large bequest to a poor family, does not permanently enrich. They have served no apprenticeship to wealth, and, with the rapid wealth, come rapid claims: which they do not know how to deny, and the treasure is quickly dissipated” — Ralph Waldo Emerson


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In this quote, Ralph Waldo Emerson seems to be cautioning that wealth obtained suddenly through windfalls like lotteries or large inheritances does not necessarily lead to lasting prosperity.

By stating that such “sudden wealth” does not “permanently enrich,” Emerson implies that without prior experience managing finances, people may struggle to responsibly maintain large sums acquired unexpectedly. He suggests they lack the skills to say no to “rapid claims” on the new resources, which can then be “quickly dissipated.”

Overall, Emerson appears to be arguing that sustainable affluence requires an “apprenticeship to wealth” through gradual accumulation and learning prudent money habits, as opposed to wealth obtained instantly without such preparation or experience preserving value over the long term.

Birthday: May 25, 1803 – Death: April 27, 1882

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