Bill Vaughn: collect Taxes from the Poor

Posted by admin on Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bill Vaughan Funny Money Quotation saying IRS agents must feel universally disliked because it is their business to pry us from our income with complete authority and with threat of bankruptcy. Bill Vaughan said:
The tax collector must love poor people, he's creating so many of them Quote

“The tax collector must love poor people, he’s creating so many of them” — Bill Vaughan


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In this quote, Bill Vaughan is making a sarcastic comment about the effects of taxation on people’s financial well-being. He suggests that the tax collector must enjoy creating more poor people through the taxes they collect, since higher taxes can reduce people’s incomes and push some into poverty.

Vaughan’s point is that overly burdensome taxation has the potential to negatively impact people’s economic circumstances and increase levels of poverty within a population.

The quote uses humor and irony to criticize the view that high taxes do not necessarily have unintended consequences in diminishing individuals’ wealth and financial stability.

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