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Posted by admin on Friday, October 14, 2011

Jonathan C. Lewis Money Quotation saying Money-making is often taken as the whole enchilada when it may be comparable to the tortilla – or as a sandwich when it is more like the bread. Jonathan C. Lewis said:
Profits are an ingredient, even the main ingredient, but not the whole recipe Quote

Profits are an ingredient, even the main ingredient, but not the whole recipe” — Jonathan C. Lewis


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In this quote, Jonathan C. Lewis seems to be suggesting that while profits are an important driver of business activity, they alone do not guarantee success or determine outcomes. By stating that profits are the “main ingredient” but “not the whole recipe,” Lewis implies there are other contributing factors beyond profit-seeking that influence results.

The quote portrays profits as a core motivation and necessity for businesses, but also acknowledges non-financial elements like innovation, customer satisfaction, talent management, and responsible practices as equally important components.

Overall, Lewis appears to be arguing that a holistic, balanced approach is needed rather than a singular focus on profits if companies want sustainable growth and impact over the long run.

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