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Posted by admin on Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jonathan C. Lewis Money Quote saying the motive for money-making is not advancing the social good – but can be if the character of profit maker reaches beyond simply taking profits. Jonathan C. Lewis said:
Of course, the profit motive does drive profits (duh), but not necessarily progress Quote

“Of course, the profit motive does drive profits (duh), but not necessarily progress” — Jonathan C. Lewis


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In this quote, Jonathan C. Lewis seems to be making the point that while the profit motive of businesses does lead them to seek increased profits, it does not always or necessarily lead to technological or social progress.

By stating that profits are driven by profit-seeking but not necessarily progress, Lewis implies commercial interests alone are not enough to guarantee advancement if it does not also benefit their bottom line. The quote suggests profits and progress can sometimes diverge, with profitability achieved through means other than innovative or progressive steps.

Overall, Lewis appears to be cautioning that free market forces and profits should not be conflated or equated directly with broader societal or technological advancement over time.

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