Swami Raj: Passage of Time

Posted by admin on Monday, May 23, 2011

Money Quotation saying cash can arrive and pass and then return many times, but existence is measured by passing once and never returning. Swami Raj said:

Money Comes Goes Time -- Swami- Raj Photograph © Mike Valentine

Money Comes Goes Time — Swami Raj Photograph © Mike Valentine


“Money comes and goes; time just goes” — Swami Raj


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Swami Raj seems to be saying that while money is transient and can come and go, time will only continue slipping away without returning. The quote draws a distinction between financial resources that fluctuate, versus the finite and non-renewable nature of our time on earth.

It suggests we not prioritize the accumulation of wealth or possessions, since time is the one truly scarce and irreplaceable commodity.

The message appears to be that we should make the most of our time while we can, rather than obsess over monetary gains and losses which are temporary compared to the permanence of time’s passage.

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