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Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mark Cuban Money Quotation saying we should be willing to work hard to do well and advising those willing to work hardest to get wealthy by doing so. Mark Cuban said:
Bust your ass and get rich Quote

“Bust your ass and get rich” — Mark Cuban


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The quote “Bust your ass and get rich” attributed to Mark Cuban is encouraging a strong work ethic and perseverance as a way to achieve financial success. Cuban seems to be suggesting that wealth is attainable through determined, relentless effort over time rather than relying on luck or easy shortcuts.

His perspective promotes a philosophy of rolling up one’s sleeves and putting in long hours of hard work to build a business from the ground up or advance professionally through experience and skill development.

While some may argue this view overlooks other factors like access to opportunities or initial privilege, Cuban is emphasizing a traditional American ideal that riches can be attained through grit, sacrifice and a willingness to fully apply oneself to their ambitions through diligent labor.

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