Will Carleton: Farmer’s Financial Fears

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Will Carleton outlines all the things that could hurt a farmer financially and finds that the worst of them all is his mortgage, which tops the list on the road to ruin.
Worm or beetle, drought or tempest, on a farmer's land may fall. A mortgage beats them all Quote

“Worm or beetle, drought or tempest, on a farmer’s land may fall, Each is loaded full o’ ruin, but a mortgage beats ’em all” — Will Carleton


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In this quote, Will Carleton is comparing different hardships that can affect a farmer, such as pests, weather disasters or financial burdens. By stating that a “worm or beetle, drought or tempest” can damage the land, Carleton acknowledges natural occurrences beyond a farmer’s control that threaten crops and livelihood.

However, he then says “a mortgage beats ’em all”, implying that taking on debt through a mortgage to purchase farmland is an even greater potential “ruin” or source of ruin.

Carleton’s quote suggests that while natural perils are difficult to endure, the financial obligation of a mortgage poses an even more serious challenge, as failing to repay the debt could mean losing the land altogether.

Overall, the statement recognizes that among various troubles facing farmers, the risk of foreclosure from a mortgage is the most severe burden to bear.

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