John Ruskin: Life as Wealth

Posted by admin on Friday, August 20, 2010

John Ruskin Money Quote saying that life is the only wealth we have and therefore one might ask, ‘If life is wealth, what is the meaning of financial wealth?’
There is no wealth but life Quote

“There is no wealth but life” — John Ruskin


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John Ruskin was saying that true wealth or value is found in life itself, not in material possessions or money. By “life,” he meant things like our health, relationships, experiences, knowledge and personal growth.

Ruskin felt that we should focus on enriching our lives through these types of non-financial means, rather than obsess over accumulating wealth or status symbols. The quote suggests that things like good health, strong relationships, fulfilling work and continuous learning are more important forms of “wealth” than any amount of money or possessions

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